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Acne is a disease that is characterized by the appearance of skin lesions as a result of folliculitis, inflammation, and subsequent infection of the follicular pore (hair exit orifice). These lesions are usually pimples, black pimples, and red, inflamed patches, such as cysts.This disorder can have psychological and social implications, especially among adolescents and people who work in front of the public, who sometimes have problems in their work environment because they do not reach the degree of physical presence required.However, acne appears in most cases during adolescence, affecting approximately 80 percent of this population group. It arises due to the interaction between hormones, sebum, and bacteria that live on or inside the skin and also in the hair. During puberty, the activity of sebaceous glands increases and, often, dry sebum, flaking skin, and bacteria accumulate in the pores of the skin forming a comedone, which prevents sebum from flowing from the hair follicles through the skin. Pores If the block is incomplete, black dots are formed; if it is complete, white dots appear.There are also some special forms of acne that can affect newborns or adults exposed to certain industrial products (occupational acne) or people who take certain medications such as oral corticosteroids (drug-induced acne), these clinical forms being less frequent than juvenile acne classic.

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The main cause of acne is the clogging of the pores of the skin. Clogging can be triggered by several factors:

  • The glands secrete excess sebum.
  • The hormonal changes that are associated with puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, or the use of oral contraceptive methods, such as the pill.
  • The use of some cosmetics and products for oily hair.
  • Some drugs that contain steroids, estrogens, testosterone, or phenytoin.
  • Excessive sweating

What are the symptoms of Acne?

Acne manifests clinically with several types of injuries. In fact, in some patients, several of them may appear. Acne lesions are located mainly on the face (forehead, cheeks, and chin), back, shoulders, and the presternal region, which are the seborrheic areas of the body.


Acne can be classified according to the type of lesions distinguishing inflammatory and non-inflammatory. The non-inflammatory comedones include closed and open black spots, and among the inflammatory ones are the reddish papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. These last two are the most important because, in their evolution, they can leave residual scars, which are the most important sequels of acne.

  • Mild acne
  • Moderate acne
  • Acne severe
  • Very severe acne

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Laser acne treatment is a safe and easy way out for patients with severe acne. Acne makes your skin dehydrated and more prone to environmental pollution. Once the treatment area begins to heal, you will notice an immediate difference in your skin quality and appearance. The effects can last for years.


It shows effective results in all areas of the body. Patients can see results after successive treatments depending on the severity of acne.


We utilize the Microspot handpiece of the Cutera Juliet laser to resurface the outer layer of the skin. This revolutionary laser stimulates the wound healing process, revitalizing, and remodeling damaged tissue and inducing the formation of new blood vessels and collagen. Although difficult acne scars can’t be completely removed at first. But a few more treatment sessions can help you get over the acne problem. After laser resurfacing, avoid unprotected sun exposure for one year to prevent irregular pigmentation.


Treatment may hurt—or it may not. Patients and doctors commonly compare the sensation felt during laser treatments to a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, what laser resurfacing feels like depends on the laser, the depth, and area of treatment, and an individual’s tolerance for pain.

Although it is not a cure, facial laser hair removal treatment will, in some cases, help with acne. Acne causes inflammation and irritation due to pores becoming blocked due to excess oil production. So, by reducing instances of shaving, laser hair removal can be effective at reducing breakouts.

Results from Laser Genesis/Laser Skin resurfacing can occur from 1 day to 1 month after starting treatment, depending on the system used and the severity of acne at the onset of treatment. Most commonly results are seen within 2 to 4 weeks, although it often takes longer for maximal improvement.

Laser resurfacing uses a fractional laser to deliver controlled heat to the surface of the skin. The body’s natural healing process takes over and removes the damaged tissue, rebuilding it with collagen to form new skin underneath. This treatment improves stubborn acne scars.

Yes, you can consult the doctor at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa concerning your acne problem.  Patients who receive laser therapy in addtion to medical treatments can diminish the recurrence of acne problems.

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