Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Juliet device is a revolutionary laser treatment for women’s intimate health. CMA Primary & MedSpa offers laser treatment for enhanced intimacy and improved vaginal health. By generating collagen right where it’s needed, the Juliet laser can reduce post-childbirth vaginal tone and flexibility, improve sexual functioning by enhancing moisture levels in the vagina, and even offer cosmetic improvement.

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The Treatment

The treatment uses a laser, which passes twice over the treated area. The first pass stimulates the production of collagen. The second pass remodels the tissue, causing the formation of new blood vessels and new nerve endings. You will experience a renewed sensation as you reverse the effects of menopause, such as dryness or discomfort—without hormone therapy or vaginal creams.

 To achieve optimal results, three treatment sessions are recommended. You will start to notice results after your first treatment, and improvements will continue throughout your treatment regimen. The Juliet laser treatment is a gentle solution to rejuvenate your femininity. Fast, painless, and safe, with no downtime and no need for anesthesia.

Vaginal Atrophy & Dryness

Women undergoing menopause experience several symptoms, including vaginal dryness, itching, painful intercourse, poor lubrication, decreased libido, and poor vaginal muscle elasticity and tone. This condition is also described as vaginal atrophy. Most physical and mental changes during menopause can impact a relationship’s quality of sexual life. Most of the urogenital diseases connected with menopause follow a reduction in estrogen production by the ovaries. This involves the gradual thinning of genital epithelial tissues and vaginal and vulvar mucosa, which reduce in thickness and moistness, becoming more fragile, irritable, and sensitive to trauma. For this reason, at CMA Primary & MedSpa, we provide a non-hormonal therapy for the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a widespread disease prevalent in women after their first birth. It is a form of urinary incontinence caused by a loss of support of the urethra, which is usually a result of damage to pelvic support structures due to childbirth. Similarly, frequent exercise in high-impact activities can cause athletic incontinence to develop. In both cases, it is characterized by leaking small amounts of urine during activities that increase abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing, and lifting weights. Women with stress urinary incontinence have an altered connective tissue metabolism, which causes decreased collagen production and may result in insufficient support for the urogenital tract. Dr. Tallapureddy at CMA Primary & MedSpa ensures that her patients receive the most suitable and safe treatment for their problems.

Picture Difference


It helps in improving the intimate health of women with proven results. It is the effective, cutting-edge, hormone-free treatment concept for vulvovaginal conditions: Atrophy, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and Tightening.


It allows customized treatments with no need for anesthesia and minimal downtime. You can achieve personalized results for vaginal health. It helps restore optimal health.


It allows fast and painless treatments, with no need for anesthesia and minimal downtime. You can attain personalized results for every problem. From body shaping to vaginal health, it helps restore beauty and health.


Juliet represents a fast, painless, and minimally invasive treatment for women’s intimate diseases that can treat all the unpleasant symptoms you may experience. Juliet is a revolutionary treatment that CMA Primary & MedSpa have introduced. It has already changed the lives of thousands of women worldwide.

Vaginal rejuvenation is not intended to be just an aesthetic treatment. However, CMA Primary & MedSpa offers a Juliet laser treatment that leads not only to a tightening of the internal vaginal walls (often referred to as “rejuvenation”), but it also involves specific functional changes, for example, the regaining of functionality when treating for stress, urinary incontinence and the restoration of tissue metabolism in the case of vaginal atrophy.

The Juliet laser treatment improves women’s gynecological health by a minimally invasive treatment aiming to stimulate new collagen and elastin production and improve vascularization of the vaginal mucosa. Similar to the procedure used for facial rejuvenation, the Juliet laser treatment uses light energy to gently deliver energy to the tissue and stimulate it to produce new collagen. The special Erbium: YAG wavelength used for the treatment at CMA Primary & MedSpa allows for reaching the sub-mucosal layers (lamina propria), rich in collagen that can be stimulated “selectively,” meaning with no damage to the surrounding tissue.

The procedure is very similar to your annual check-up. Your doctor at CMA Primary & MedSpa will insert the laser tip, and the laser energy will be delivered as pulses. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, is fast, painless, and discreet, and is performed by your doctor in the medical practice. No anesthesia is required (since neither incisions nor sutures are performed). However, a topical anesthetic may be applied if needed.

The Juliet laser treatment at CMA Primary & MedSpa leads to restoring the metabolism of connective tissue and improving the condition of the mucosa. This translates into attenuating the symptoms, which can be observed immediately after the first treatment. This action continues its beneficial effect even after the treatment is finished, and, for this reason, many women report further improvements during the first month post-treatment.

No, the treatment is not painful and doesn’t require anesthesia. If needed, mild topical anesthesia may be given by anesthetic at CMA Primary & MedSpa.

In most cases, as seen at CMA Primary & MedSpa, satisfactory results can be obtained after the first session, with no need for further treatments. A second treatment after a few weeks is recommended to maintain the results over time.

Juliet is the right treatment for every woman experiencing unpleasant symptoms and looking for a fast, non-surgical and discreet procedure. It is especially recommended for women going through menopause, who have just given birth, who underwent cancer chemotherapy and/or surgery, who want to fight or prevent pelvic floor laxity, or who want to improve the quality of their sexual life. Dr. Tallapureddy ensures she gives the best experience at CMA Primary & MedSpa.

Juliet treatment is exactly the right option for you. Just ask your doctor at CMA Primary & MedSpa for further information.

For the first three days after the treatment, it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse, heavy physical exercise, and sports activities such as swimming or sauna.

Prices vary according to the indication and the number of treatments required according to the individual condition and clinic. Please ask your doctor at CMA Primary & MedSpa for individual counseling.

The treatment at CMA Primary & MedSpa is a two-step process. The first pass stimulates the production of collagen, strengthening the structure of the tissue. The second pass revitalizes the tissue through gentle heating. Patients report reduced discomfort and improved vaginal lubrication, tone, and flexibility.

The treatment helps remodel the labia while reducing skin pigmentation and improving skin texture and tone.

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