Medication Management

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Medication Management

Medication Management is a set of practices to prevent multiple chronic conditions. We provide a guide that features expert solutions and an introduction to how your CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center can help you or your loved one stay safe.

 Proper Medical Management is imperative to avoid readmission into the hospital. Therefore, CMA Primary Care & MedSpa’s dedicated medical team focuses on improving the use of personalized medications for a patient’s condition, making sure that the patient understands the purpose of the prescriptions and takes them in the appropriate doses. We also provide family education on medications, medication reconciliation, and medication therapy management.

 CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center Medication Management services combine compassionate care with best-practice approaches followed by some of the nation’s most well-respected organizations. Take an in-depth look at what we offer: At CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center, we treat each client as a person, not a condition.


Medication Management provides you with an expert that will ensure you take the best medications for you based on your health, at the correct dose, the first time.

We’ll manage your medications and provide you with answers to how they impact your health. In a clinical study, it was proven that 30% of adults take five or more medications.

We have advanced training in the clinical use of medications. Our knowledge and expertise will give you optimal medication recommendations for personalizing your treatment periodic assessment.

  • Improvement of the illness and the symptoms
  • A customized medication regimen developed to reach your goals
  • Expert-approved to ensure they’re effective and safe
  • Avoiding medication risks
  • The ability to continue your daily activities with no downtime or recovery period

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