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Primary Care

Primary Care is the initial connection a patient makes with our providers when they have a health problem. The staff at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa in West Hartford, CT, and South Windsor, CT, provides high-quality health care services using advanced techniques exclusive to licensed professionals. The satisfaction of our patients is our priority, and we aim to ensure that all patients are safe. We listen, understand, and tailor your customized health care treatment to fit your needs. 

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Why Choose Us?

CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center’s staff is dedicated to providing compassionate health care to patients throughout their life, ensuring efficient and responsive services to every patient’s needs. In our practice, we strive to achieve high physical and mental health care standards and work closely with patients to help them achieve optimum quality of life.


We encourage patients to discuss concerns and ask questions about their health because it can provide us with relevant information to determine which customized treatment plan will give you optimal results. The factors that may affect your health include:


  • Are you experiencing mild to moderate symptoms that interfere with your daily routine?
  • Is a medication you’re taking causing unpleasant symptoms?
  • Would you like assistance with making healthy decisions?
  • Are you fatigued?
  • Are you stressed?

We recommend scheduling your physical exam once each year. This ensures your health is managed adequately and is a great preventive care solution.

It’s important to have a primary care physician. They learn about your medical and health history. It can provide you with lower health costs and improved management of chronic diseases.

You may bring historical medical records, immunization records, and insurance information.

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