Preventive Services

Preventive Services

Preventive Services comprise healthcare services that include annual checkups, patient counseling, and screenings to prevent illness, disease, and other health-related problems.

 The preventive services at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center are intended to assist patients in remaining healthy and detect any health-related problems early while there is a better chance of recovery. There are many methods for disease prevention, and with our help, you get all of them.

Why Choose Us?

At CMA Primary Care & MedSpa, Dr. Tallapureddy works to help patients get the most comprehensive preventive care as a precautionary measure against health issues, injuries, and other medical conditions. We believe prevention is better than cure, and it is much easier to stop a disease from occurring than to treat it. Our up-to-date preventive services involve immunizations and screenings that give our patients a chance to make lifestyle changes or undergo early-onset therapy.


At your annual health checkup, you’ll discuss your concerns and goals with us. We’ll perform an exam to assess your wellness and pinpoint medical problems at their early stages before they worsen. You’ll get a customized treatment plan to treat the symptoms of your medical problems within a few weeks.

We’ll perform several health examinations and tailor them depending on your medical history. Your health checkup includes:


  • An in-depth reading of your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Measurements of your weight and height
  • Evaluation of your risks of upcoming medical problems
  • Updates on vaccinations
  • Screenings for diseases

The counseling sessions are 45 minutes and are scheduled weekly. Most patients resolve their concerns in four to six sessions. It varies for each patient.

We’re here to provide you with our expert solutions and strive to give all of our patients’ compassionate care. You can call (860) 471-8030 or contact us by scheduling an appointment.

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